Call Out For Artwork

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‘Using The Words’ is a project to share stories of surviving rape and sexual abuse. We have been collecting stories from survivors, and those who support survivors, in their journeys. You can read some of those really powerful stories here.

We are now moving to put a zine (a short magazine) together and we are very keen to make sure it’s not just full of words. So, we are also looking for submissions of artwork.

If you are a survivor who paints, or someone who supports a survivor who doodles as a way of processing your thoughts, then we’d love to consider your artwork.


  • You can do a painting, a collage, a photograph, an illustration or just some simple scribbles – it’s up to you!

  • Keep it black and white (to ensure the zine affordable to print). However, if your image has colour in it, and you don’t mind us changing it slightly for the printing process then that’s fine too.

  • Anything that fits with the themes in our ‘Using the Words’ or around your personal experience of sexual violence.

As with the story submissions, all the artwork will be printed anonymously to ensure everyone’s safety.

Just like with our stories we’re not looking for professional work. Just as everyone can tell their own story, so can everyone express their emotions through art. We’re looking for whatever you think expresses the journey we go on through rape and sexual abuse.

You can send us your artwork in any digital format to and we will get back to you if we need it in a different format for the zine.


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