Our Monsoon Wedding

“Don’t show this to your sister” mum said as she clipped the VCR box closed. I screwed my face up in confusion but didn’t question her. The story, Monsoon Wedding, was full of the colour, food and music of Punjabi festivities – it made me think that’s she’d love it. The story, it turned out, […]

Where I go…

“What’s going on?” my counsellor asks me after what seems like the longest pause in the world, “where have you gone?” I don’t respond, there’s another long pause “I don’t know” I finally say, “nowhere, everywhere”. I stare into the nothingness and no more words come. My head feels like its about to explode, but […]

In the meantime

She kept her coat on, that was the first thing. She was wearing a red coat and she kept it on but we were inside. Something was wrong and we drank coffee and there wasn’t any way to say it out loud. Something happened, she said. He hit me. The day moved. I don’t know […]